Extending the Life of Your Vehicle

Friday, 26 January 2018 20:22 Chris

Extending the Life of Your Vehicle


Our Technicians have compiled tips to keeping your car running better and extending the life of your vehicle. Keeping up with your car’s maintenance and getting problems fixed before they become bigger problems are the keys to getting those extra years of life out of your car.


Tips for getting extra years out of your car and saving money in the long run.


1 - Change oil regularly, every 3000 - 5000 miles (longer if using synthetic, 7500)

2 - Check all fluid levels every few months (Transmission, brake, coolant and power steering)

3 - Change air filter (Usually every 6 months, car will get higher gas mileage and run better )

4 - Check tire pressure and wheels (Properly inflated tires give you better gas mileage, uneven wear from being out of balance or alignment causes vibration that can cause stress on the car's suspension).

5 - Fluid flushes (Transmission, brake and power steering flushes. These fluids breakdown contaminated by impurities, dirt, moisture and corrosive properties that cause these systems to have expensive problems.

6 - Schedule a safety inspection twice a year, more often if you do a lot of driving. (We perform a safety inspection with every oil change)

7 - Protect your car's exterior and interior. (Have your car waxed twice a year and keep the dirt and grime from the inside. This will increase your car’s value when it’s time to sell and it just feels better)

8 - Fix the small issues now (Small issues with your car often turn into big issues if they are not repaired in a timely manner, coolant leaks, oil leaks)

9 - Know your car (be sure to glance through your owner's manual to get an idea about your scheduled maintenance, as always we will be glad to help you with your scheduled maintenance)


All of these tips are inexpensive and have a huge effect on how well your vehicle runs. These simple tips will absolutely help lengthen the life of your car.

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