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Specializing in Service and Repairs on 1992 to 2016 Toyota, Lexus and Scion Vehicles

ToyoTechs’ employees are the best in the industry and care about fixing your car right, the first time. We have T1 Access to Toyota’s T.I.S. (Toyota Information System) for factory repair information and the Technical Service Bulletin database.

We also have a wireless netbook compatible with Lexus and newer model Toyota vehicles’ On-Board Diagnostic ports. We have two Vertronix Scanners for trouble codes and reprogramming system computers.

In a nutshell ToyoTechs will do every repair or service that's not paint or body, including the most complex electrical or engine management (drive-ability) issues.

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  • Oil, Filter & Fluids

    At ToyoTechs, we will check the oil, filter and fluids in your Lexus when you bring it in for maintenance. And while the safest thing to do is to always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations while your car is still under warranty, we look at many factors when giving specific recommendations for cars that are no longer covered.

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  • Transmission Maintenance

    While a lot can depend on the year your Lexus was made, how often you drive it, and how you drive it, we generally suggest that most transmission fluids be flushed for the first time at 60,000 miles. After that, we believe that following up with flushes at regular mileage intervals – typically every 30,000 miles – can help your car’s transmission to last longer.

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  • Coolant System Maintenance

    It can be confusing to figure out what kind of antifreeze to use in your car – the green, pink or red stuff – and using the right mixture is important. Based on the type of antifreeze or coolant used in your car, there can be big differences in when these fluids should be flushed. Don't take chances with your engine. Call us today and we can determine what’s right for your car.

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  • Brake Fluid

    Brake fluids can break down over time as they are exposed to high heat and moisture. That’s why we generally suggest that they be flushed every two years. This can vary though, based on the specific formulation of the brake fluids that are used in your Lexus. Call us today to learn more or schedule an appointment.

  • Power Steering

    The power steering pump on your Lexus produces high pressure with high heat, which can cause the power steering fluids to eventually break down and fail. This can lead to groaning and whining noises when steering, erratic steering and steering pump leaks – resulting in expensive repairs.

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  • Five Thousand Mile Intervals

    Always follow the manufacturer's suggestions during your car’s warranty period. After that, we generally suggest changing the oil on newer Lexus models between 5,000 - 7,500 miles, about twice a year. You may have to come in more often if you drive your car under severe conditions like in-town or mountainous area driving, while the longer interval might work if you do more freeway driving on long trips.

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