We Love Surprising Our Customers With Good News

Friday, 22 September 2017 16:26 David

We Love Surprising Our Customers With Good News


We had a customer come in last week named Robin who brought her car in for new brakes. She thought new brakes were needed because the brakes squealed at times. Upon inspection the front brake had 50% of the pad left and the rear had 60% left. We checked everything thoroughly. All the brakes needed at the time was to have grease put on the back of the pads. Robin was so happy with her repair bill.


The reason I bring this up is so often we have customers come in for repairs they think are needed and we surprise them with a smaller bill than expected. We have built our business by treating people right. You bring us a “must have done immediately” list from the local dealer and usually only a few of the things need to be now. More often than not you can just have some of the suggested repairs done now and wait longer on the other issues.


We all know that car repairs can be a nuisance and a possible costly one at that. We will always try to make your car repair as painless and as least costly as possible. WE WILL ALWAYS TELL YOU WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE NOW FOR YOUR SAFETY AND WHAT CAN WAIT.


We do suggest that you keep up with regular scheduled maintenance. By doing so your vehicle will run better, last longer and keep it’s value higher. (If you go to buy a used car do you buy the car with no maintenance records or do you buy the vehicle with all the maintenance records?)


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