A Dead Battery Left Me Stranded

Monday, 31 July 2017 14:31 John

A Dead Battery Left Me Stranded


Warm weather is the time for car battery problems. The summer’s extreme heat can destroy a car's battery. I found that out yesterday. I gathered my things and was going to head to Cumming to see my doctor (that I had been putting off forever) and upon entering my car and turning the key and nothing happened.


Yes there I am sitting in my car feeling frustrated that I was not going anywhere. I write about different thoughts and ideas on vehicle maintenance and there I was a victim of my not doing what I suggest.


My battery was exactly 3 years old and I know that when a battery is 3 years old it’s usually a good time to have it replaced. Oh me oh my, I felt like a real dummy especially since I had noticed some corrosion around the terminals just last week.


Please note that summertime is the battery killer not wintertime so if your battery is in the 3 year old range I highly suggest that you replace it sometime in the near future. (You’ve been warned so don’t be a dummy like me)


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Regular preventive maintenance is the best single thing you can do as a car owner to keep your car running safer, longer and save money on major repairs in the future.

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