Traveling This Summer ? Time For a Pre-Trip Inspection ?

Monday, 19 June 2017 16:54 David

Traveling This Summer ? Time For a Pre-Trip Inspection ?


With the July 4th holiday weekend fast approaching there is no better time to make sure your vehicle is ready for the trip. Tow truck drivers along the highway and in resort areas see all too many travelers on the side of the road due car owners neglecting their vehicles. Half of all breakdowns happen due to preventive maintenance neglect. Having your vehicle inspected does not guarantee that you won’t have a breakdown however it really lessens your chance of a breakdown.


Often times this scenario can be avoided with a pre-trip inspection which is also a good time to get an oil change. Proper car care is important at all times but even more so during holiday travel season.


The bottom line is basic car care is good for everyone. Below are the items our Technicians look at during a vehicle safety inspection which should be part of your preventative maintenance plan. Your ToyoTechs Technician takes great care to perform all these tasks during a vehicle safety inspection.


  1. Check all fluids including engine oil, power steering, brake, transmission and antifreeze/coolant fluids.
  2. Check the brake system including pads, rotors and drums.
  3. Check the hoses and belts for wear, cracking, frayed or loose.
  4. Inspection of the exhaust system for leaks, damage or unusual noise.
  5. Inspection of the steering and suspension system including shock absorbers, struts, ball joints tie rods and other related components.
  6. Check the tires including tire pressure and tread. Tires are also checked for uneven wear, bald spots and bulges.
  7. Inspection of wipers and lights so that you can see and be seen.
  8. Battery check.  We make sure the connections are clean and battery is in good condition



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